International activity

Military cooperation activity involved 90 countries. There were 35 international exercise of different scale held in 2017. The Combat Brotherhood, Joint Sea, and Indra exercises were the largest in their scale.

The Zapad 2017 Russian-Belarusian exercise became the most important operational activity.

The military units confirmed their readiness for defending the Union State.

Force groupings demonstrated their skills to repel any possible aggression and isolate armed conflict in west region.

Over 800 representatives from 86 countries and eight international organizations visited the Moscow Conference on International Security.

International Technical Forum

In 2017, the Russian Defence Ministry held 44 congress and exhibition activities in the Patriot Park. The ARMY 2017 International Military Technical Forum became the key activity. In accordance with the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the Main Navy Parade was held in Saint Petersburg. It confirmed the status of Russia as a powerful naval country. It will be held annually. Next year, it will be held jointly with the Navy Saloon.

Army Games 2017

Every year, the interest of foreign countries in the International Army Games is growing.

Beginning with Tank biathlon, army competitions have grown to significant international activities to verify military training and the reliability of military hardware.

The number of participating states has reached 28. For the first time the Army Games were held on the territory of five countries - Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China and Kazakhstan.

The Army Games gathered 150 teams to compete in 28 competitions. Every year, the Russian military personnel show the highest results in all contests. This fact confirms the advantages of the Russian system of combat training.

In three years, 8,000 tank and 827 air crews, more than 60,000 units of the Armed Forces have participated in the Army Games.

During preparations for the Army Games, 149 training grounds have been modernized, with 458 objects built there. Currently they are actively involved in scheduled activities of combat training.