Growth of qualitative characteristics in the Armed Forces

Combat potential of the Armed Force has been significantly enhanced since 2000.

Since 2012, the share of modern technics has increased by 4 times, momentum of military construction - by 15 times, strength of personnel on contract service – by 2.4 times and intensity of combat training – by 30%.

The military budget is balanced, meets the needs of the Armed Forces and will amount to 2.8 % of GDP, 46 billion dollars. At the same time, in the USA it will exceed 700 billion dollars, in the UK will amount to roughly 60 billion dollars, and in France and Germany - 40 billion dollars.

Present-day Russian Armed Forces are modern, mobile, compact and combat-capable.

The newly-established National Centre for State Defence Control has fundamentally changed management principles of the defence department.

With the National Centre, Russia has reached the fifth-generation command and control system.

The Centre’s information system builds a united system for interdepartmental interaction among 158 federal and regional authorities, 1,320 state corporations and enterprises of defence industrial complex.

As a result, the number of fulfilled contracts of the State Defence Order has reached 97%. No country has managed to create such a system.

Over the last five years, staff of the Armed Forces has been significantly changed.

Strength of personnel on contract service decreased from 290 to 240 thousand of people, number of conscripts has grown from 162,000 to 384,000 since 2012. The quality of the selection process has been improved. In total, 70% of contracted personnel have received a specialized secondary or higher education.

Today, military units and formations are 95-100% manned with military specialists. This factor maintains high combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces.