Tasks for Russian Defence Ministry
in 2018

The Ministry of Defenсe will have to face the following main tasks in 2018

The share of modern armaments and hardware in the Armed Forces is to reach 61%, including 82% in the Strategic Nuclear Forces, 46% in the Land Forces, 74% in the Aerospace Forces and 55% in the Navy.

In total 3,000 facilities are to be put in service. The ERA Military Innovative Technopolis is to be created

  • In the Strategic Missile Forces, 11 launch vehicles with the Yars ballistic missiles are to be put on alert.

    Six modern strategic missile carriers are to enter combat duty.

    The Project 955A main nuclear submarine Knyaz Vladimir, armed with the Bulava ballistic missiles, is to enter the service with the Navy.

  • The Aerospace Forces and the Naval Air Force are to recieve 203 new and modernized aircraft, four Pantsir anti-aircraft missile and gun systems and ten S-400 Triumf missile systems. It is also necessary to ensure the experienced combat duty of the Unified Space System.

  • The Navy is to receive 20 surface ships and combat boats, one submarine, and 14 support vessels.

  • Seven formations and military units are to be formed in the Land Forces; 3,500 units of new weapons are to enter the service.